Mivan Construction Technology: Everything You Need To Know

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Mar 12, 2024 |
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Mivan Construction Technology: Everything You Need To Know

The construction industry has always been pushed by innovation. One such innovative technology that is being widely accepted in India is the Mivan Construction Technology. In this blog post, we will discuss what this technology is, the components, process, comparison, and disadvantages it has over traditional brick construction methods. Along with that, we’ll also discuss the use of this technology in India. Let's dive right in.

What exactly is Mivan Technology?

Aluminium Formwork Technology, or Mivan Technology, is a next-gen idea of constructing buildings that uses a set of aluminium formwork panels and other components to erect high-rise buildings in a short span of time. Aluminium formwork in comparison with the traditional formwork of wood and steel is durable, reusable and easier to use.

The development of Mivan technology dates back to early 1960s Europe. It was Mivan Ltd that patented the method that was first used for residential construction and gained popularity when people became aware about the benefits of this technique such as reduced construction time, low labour costs and improved quality.

Components of Mivan Formwork

The Mivan system has four key components that work together:

  1. Aluminium Panels: Light-weight aluminium panels act as the main structural blocks for the casting of concrete parts.
  2. Prop Systems: Parts such as movable wallers and bracing tools are used to adjust the formwork to ensure support and stability during the construction process.
  3. Kicker Components: these parts have to be specifically designed and made to construct complex shapes, curves, and decorations.
  4. Accessories: The formwork is also well equipped with accessories such as tie-rods, and wing nuts to help the quick set up and dismantling of the formwork.


The Process of Construction

  1. Preparation: First, the components of the formwork are assembled as per the design/architectural specifications.
  2. Reinforcement Placement: Ribbed steel bars are then positioned between the formworks to increase the strength of the structure.
  3. Concrete Pouring: Ready-mix concrete is poured into the formwork to achieve the desired structural shape.
  4. Curing: Once the concrete has cured and gained enough strength, the formwork is moulded and reused for further phases or projects.

Comparison With Traditional/Brick Formwork

Mivan Formwork Traditional/Brick Formwork
Short completion period Long completion period
Minimal need for skilled labour High need for skilled labour
Low maintenance cost High maintenance cost
Does not require finishing Needs finishing at the end
High seismic resistance Low seismic resistance
Low wastage of materials High wastage of materials

Disadvantages of Mivan Technology

Like any construction method, Mivan Technology also has its own disadvantages which include:

  1. Higher initial investment for formwork
  2. Specialized training required for workers
  3. Risk of formwork damage during handling and transportation

Entry of Mivan Technology in India’s Construction Industry

The aluminium formwork system is a recent innovation in India known to lower costs (after some heavy initial investment), save time, and enhance the overall quality of construction. The adoption of Mivan Technology in India initially faced many challenges. L&T (Larsen And Toubro), a leading construction company, introduced this technology for the first time in India in 2003. They used it for constructing both low and high-rise residential and commercial buildings in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. However, despite these challenges, India has embraced this technology with open arms, recognizing its potential to address the nation's growing infrastructure needs.

How Mivan Technology is Transforming Noida’s Real Estate

To meet the growing real estate demands of Noida, where a large number of buildings are being built in a very short period of time, Mivan Construction Technology meets these demands for speed, quality, and sustainability. This innovative approach is revolutionizing the way we build, live and treat our environment. Builders like Supertech, Trident, Express, CRC Group, AIG Royal, and many more are adapting to this new technology for their developments in Noida.



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